things I have seen on Rum this week

a pair of stonechat by the pier
a yellow wagtail on the battlements
swallows in the rain getting ready to fly away
then no swallows
14 oystercatchers in the bay
1 seal
4 sunrises over the mainland mountains
3 mornings of rain
1 curlew
several herons
5 ponies being taken up the mountain to Harris
4 roaring stags
50 (?) hinds in the dunes
antlers on a hut
gannets diving
a gull-and-gannet feeding frenzy far out to sea
1 minke whale in the middle of it, following the fish
2 eagles in the sun
the rusty wreck of George Bullough's car from ca. 1910, suddenly appearing on the beach as the tide drops
3 black labradors
hundreds of geese
1 palmate newt
a road with no people on it

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