Winter castle update

Things are looking up for our castle, despite the storm anticipated for tonight (80mph gusts...)

The scaffolders are here, and are finally taking down the scaffolding that has been covering the castle for the past few weeks. The tarpaulin has already gone, either blown away or unpinned to be taken off for recycling by resourceful villagers. Billy and his gang have done amazing work on the turret and roof, and it turned out our floods had nothing to do with missing tiles, but were due to a blocked inside gutter! "Wherever we go next," I said to Mel, "I don't think much is going to faze us in future."

Let's hope that's true! Here are a few pictures 

Kinloch Castle back in January, before the storms and after the hail


The castle with its scaffolding intact - note the large bits of tarpaulin that blew down in the gales

THE shaft with pump pipe that we had to fix to a pump and feed into its special tube in the middle of the night - in a gale

These planks got flung to the other end of the field by the wind!

More tubes, pipes, poles...where the water got in (Billiard Room ground floor, Room of Doom upstairs)

but spring seems to be arriving, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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